Holey Moley

Yesterday afternoon my Mother-in-law, Diney, discovered this, along with my two girls, in the background.  Yes it is disgusting.  Yes it is half an animal.  Jessi from worked informed me that is a mole.


Now what’s funny about this is that my four year old, Piper, was totally fascinated by this carcass, not the two year old, Elizabeth.  It should be the other way around because that’s how it usually is.  Ellie’s the risk taker, she’s the curious one,  Piper’s cautious, and very empathetic.  I expected her to be more on the “mourning the death of one of God’s creatures” side of things not . . .  not this.IMG_6172

Yes, that’s my daughter imitating the dead mole and I’m proud of that.  Maybe she’s starting the new hot thing among 4 year olds.  The next planking, but instead of planking maybe it’s called moling, unless there’s nasty connotations to that word, and you just lie flat on the ground, no balancing on things, and have a white towel over your head, pink and green jambos are optional.  So who’s with me?  No?  No one?  Well okay, but if mole it over and decide to mole it out let me know and send me pic.

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