S.O.S (Same ol . . . well you know)

Yesterday, the very last day of 2015, I was chillin at work when one of the cats I work with, Shawn Wininger, and extremely talented individual, brought to my attention what he said was one of the best commercials he had ever seen.  Of course being a video guy I had to check it out.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.  Shawn and I spent that last of hour of work checking out all things Poo-Pourri.  Everything from the rest of their YouTube vids to their other social media sites to their website.  These guys did their marketing straight up right.  Everything on their ship was tight and I wanted to know who was responsible for it and how they came up with the idea.  To me their marketing campaign, everything from the videos to the design of the packaging and the design of the website, it’s all just top notch awesomeness.  I mean they got me talking about their product and I haven’t even tried it yet.  And I stress the word yet, cause as of today, the first day of 2016 I have recieved a bottle of Poo-Pourri.

See, this morning I was talking to my folks about Storm Stanley and how biz is going for us and I got on the topic of Shawn and myself stumbling across Poo-Pourri when my Mom informed me that she had know about it for a couple of years now and even buys it.  Not for herself mind you.  She loves the product and raved about well it worked and how funny she found the videos.  She told my Dad to run upstairs and grab an extra bottle for me, not really sure what she’s hinting at there but she did say my coworkers would thank me, and her, for it.  So my Dad came downstairs with a brand new bottle of Poo-Pourri.  I couldn’t believe,  AWESOME.  I totally had to let Shawn know about this.  He would totally dig it.  So I snapped a pick of the product . . .


And sent it, via text, to Mr. Wininger. 


Then this happened.


Yeah.  Appearantly I had the wrong number for Shawn.  Anyway, Shawn I hope you read this and Happy Poo Year to you everyone else, especially the individual out there that knows more about my family than they ever wanted poo.


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