Pipey & Ellie

The painting Ray Ferrer did of my girls.

My heart’s a little heavy today.  Yesterday I found out Ray Ferrer had passed away a little over a month ago.  May 20th.  Read it on his facebook page.  I didn’t know the man personally.  He did some artwork for me late last year and I wrote about it and him in a post, you can read that post here.  His artwork was awesome and I really liked what he had to say about art and his story.  Here’s his blog too.  Sadness.

Then I find out that James Horner died today.  This guy, unbeknownst to him, had basically written the soundtrack to my life.  So many of the movies that I hold dear hold his melodic creations.  Key of which is the soundtrack to “Aliens”.  I don’t know how many creepy, scary things I have written whilst listening to that soundtrack.  I’ve even bought the cd a few times whenever one copy would go missing.  I’ve even used it in a few of the short flicks I’ve made.  Check his Wikipedia page or his IMDB page.  Double sadness.

Here’s a link to the Aliens soundtrack.  So much of it’s memorable.  Turn the lights off and listen.  Better yet, you might want to keep them on.

Here’s a vid about his experience on Aliens.


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