Pipey & EllieRay Ferrer. This is a cat that I came across because somehow he came across my blog and liked something I had posted. I was in the throes of searching for a Christmas gift for my wife and kind of knew what I wanted. Something of the girls for my number one girl. I popped over to his blog, https://urbanwallart.wordpress.com/, and perused his posts and artwork and knew exactly what I wanted to get Rachel​. From there I popped over to his facebook page.  I found out he was holding some sort of special with a limited amount of spaces available, in fact it was so limited there was only one spot left by the time I happened upon.  I made that last part up, not the one spot left but the whole “so limited thing”, anyway I threw him a note to see if I could reserve that last spot.  He said yes.  We conversed via emails as I tried to find the perfect pic, which I did, the one below.  It’s one of Rachel’s faves, and sits close to my heart too.

Piper & Elizabeth.  Two of my three favorite gals.

Piper & Elizabeth. Two of my three favorite gals.

Pipey & Ellie

A painted Pipey and Ellie. Ray Ferrer artwork.

Shortly after we got the painting, and by the way check his work out, it’s awesome, here’s his site, I still want “The Man With No Name” one, I came across a post on his facebook page that his wife had written.  She him in bed on a Tuesday having a seizure.  She took him to the hospital, they checked him out, and found a massive tumor on or in his brain.  That was all in January and he has been painting and fighting that “expletive” cancer ever since.

I don’t know the man personally, like I said I only chatted with him through emails, but I totally dig his art, I totally dig his creativeness.  It’s different, and I feel unique.  I’ve watched a couple of videos on how he does what he does.  I’ve never spoken with his wife, Rhian, but it says volumes to me that she is in the trenches with him.

Pray for healing, strength, and comfort for this guy.  And pray for strength and comfort for his wife, and peace for both of them and their close friends and family.  I don’t know his beliefs but I don’t think that if they differ from mine, or yours, then that disqualifies him for us asking God to reach out to them, or vice versa.

Keep painting.  Keep hoping Ray and Rhian.  Jesus loves you.  And thank you for the painting of my girls.  It’s truly awesome man.  God bless and heal you.


Matthew Stanley


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